To Freedom!

The dumbest decision I ever made was to marry someone I knew for a short while, and the even dumber decision was sticking to that life for almost 7 years. I tried it all to make it work. Talking doesn’t always help, neither does therapy or counseling. It was the greatest feeling when I left, when I walked out of my marriage. I had already found a humble house for rent. Took the day off from work, spent a few hours to box the necessary things (of mine) and by evening I had left the big, beautiful house where I had the ugliest memories of my adult life. It was pure joy to live alone, to be in charge of everything,most importantly to live where no one to strangulate me or punch me in my face. Freedom!
The downside of it though, of living alone…A to Z of the household responsibilities need to be carried out by me. In a way it is fun, but sometimes it is such a pain in the ass. Going to work every day so that bills can be paid, paying the bills (itself is a task indeed ), making meals, getting…

Family : Now and Then.

I grew up in a family of eleven - my parents (both of them), my dad’s brother, his wife and their three children, and my two sisters, and our grandma! It was a complete madhouse most of the times. Everything was a battle, to get the remote, even to get a chair to sit in. Those days an average household had just 3 or 4 chairs.You gotta be loud you gotta be fierce or you get lost in the crowd. Family type started to change then, from a joint or extended family ( with dad’s sibling/s’ family, and with grand parents) to neutral family. Now, along with the type, the number too has changed so drastically low. Single parent with one child. My generation is witness to this huge transformation- Me from growing up in a family of 11 to possess a precious family of 2 including myself. Sometimes it breaks my heart to see how our value system lost its luster. I don’t blame the increasingdivorce rate alone for this change. We are after money and we relocate without thinking about the family we leave…

Love is...

The Bug!


Me and Them.